A film & video production company operating from the Irish Mid-West. We are award-winning professional filmmakers that love working on all sorts of projects with all sorts of people.

From commercial work to music videos, short films to documentaries and from the big screen to the small screen. We have high standards when it comes to our work, providing the best service and highest quality video content for the specific demands of each client.

Don't let the name fool you, we're actually quite refined.


"The Hot Sprockets have been good friends of mine for many years, and being able to work with them on this video was an absolute joy! From the moment we started shooting, it just felt like a group of friends hanging out and it never felt like work, and I think that comes across in the video. We had best the laugh recreating all the wacky ideas of all our favourite Films & TV shows growing up... Star Trek, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Monkey Magic, Care Bears... there's references to everything in here, and we're really chuffed on the results!"

Shane Serrano (Director, DOP, Editor)