A film & video production company operating from the Irish Mid-West. We are award-winning professional filmmakers that love working on all sorts of projects with all sorts of people.

From commercial work to music videos, short films to documentaries and from the big screen to the small screen. We have high standards when it comes to our work, providing the best service and highest quality video content for the specific demands of each client.

Don't let the name fool you, we're actually quite refined.


"Delighted to work with Randolf & The Crokers again, and once more we had the wonderfully talented Bonnie Sylvia O'Keefe as our young star, who made her debut on the bands first 'Hangin' music video two years ago. Bonnie may now be a constant star of the bands videos, which is exciting to think about, that we may see her grow up through various music videos over the next few years! "

Shane Serrano (Director, DOP, Editor)